Glad That’s Over

So what’s more stressful than the first week of a new semester and a second week of work? Being sick for the first week of a new semester and a second week of work. Let me tell you, last week was exhausting.

I despise being sick. I doubt many people actually enjoy it, but I feel I have a lower than average tolerance for having a cold or the flu. My body never seems to respond well to over the counter cold medicine so I am left suffering through awful symptoms. I also typically can never rest when I have a cold, meaning  I can’t do the ONE thing that actually helps to get over a cold.

Last week was probably the worst time to come down with something. See the thing is, as is true in most colleges, that the for first week of classes you must show up to the first class meeting or risk getting dropped from the class. This meant I didn’t have the luxury of saying ” I really should be resting, let me skip my class today”. Instead, I had to drag myself to SFSU’s campus and go to class. Now I was unfortunate enough to get sick for the beginning of the Spring semester last year too, but I had the luxury (if you want to call it that) of living on campus, which meant that dragging myself to class was not such a big deal. This year though I live off campus, a 20 minute bus ride or 10 min drive away.

On top of having to go to every class meeting (though I did skip one, oops!) I also had work to do. Luckily, I have amazing, understanding bosses who gave me all the time I needed to rest and get better.

Long story short, I had a loooonng week. Being sick is never fun and I honestly pray that I don’t get sick again this year, at all.

I can’t wait for next week when I can go to school, want to be there, be able to pay attention and have fun. I also can’t wait to have all the energy I need to get my work done again!


Bring On The Spring Semester

Tomorrow is the start of my LAST semester of my undergraduate work!

Am I excited? Well, I am excited to be finished with my Bachelor’s Degree. I am excited to finally be on my way to graduation and commencement.

However, I am not excited to start this semester in the same way I started the Spring semester last year, by battling a cold. There is no other way to describe how I feel about being sick on the first week: it sucks.

I really need all the energy I can get this week; I have tons of class meetings to go to and its my second week of my new job. I know that as far as school goes, I will hardly have any assignments, but its the fact that I have to physically GO to campus that will exhaust me.

I worry that I am taking on too much this semester. I only need nine units to graduate but yet I am taking twelve.  This all thanks to financial aid. Hopefully I can make it through the semester and my job without overwhelming myself. Hopefully I can make it through the first week without passing out!

I’ll keep you, my lovely reader, posted throughout the semester one how my last term is going. For now, I am going to go bask in the fact that in 5 months I will (FINALLY) have a degree!

San Francisco

I have the pleasure of living in one of the coolest cities in the World. Tourists flock here by the thousands every year and the landmarks are iconic. We have world class restaurants, fabulous shopping, and diverse cultural neighborhoods. San Francisco has an allure that compares to all the other famous cities of the world.

However, that allure can be lost on San Francisco’s residents. We see the unsavory parts of the city; the dirty MUNI buses, streets filled with potholes, and horrific parking conditions. Unfortunately the day to day life in San Francisco has prevented me from really appreciating the wonder of the city.

Luckily for me, yesterday was a rare day in San Francisco where you could actually see the blue sky and the sun! I went down to Chrissy Field and got to see almost all of the San Francisco Bay. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge and downtown was spectacular. Walking along Chrissy Field towards the Golden Gate Bridge helped restore my love of the great city I call home.

As I drove home, the fog rolled back in. The rare moments we San Franciscans get without fog, overcast and freezing weather make the rest of the days of the year bearable.


I guess in a way I am not much of a “Writer for Hire” at the moment, I got an awesome internship! I am super excited to get to develop my writing skills further (finally!). The skills I will gain through my internship will hopefully put me a step above the rest when I start my career search after I graduate in May. I will also have awesome professional experience to add to my resume.

Through the process of applying for jobs and going to my interview, a phrase came to me, “It can take a long time for it to rain, but when it rains, it pours”. Now the latter part of that phrase is an expression that not necessarily positive. It usually implies that when one negative event occurs, more can or will pile on top. However, the phrase that kept coming into my mind had a more positive idea behind it for me. I had begun my job search a few weeks ago and had my days where I felt defeated by a lack of response. However immediately after I was offered my new internship I received responses from other internships I applied for. This led me to think of the phrase that kept popping in my head. What the phrase means to me is that it can take a while for an opportunity to come my way, but when one opportunity comes along, more opportunities will come with it. If I can remind myself of that, I know I can gain the success I want.

I am so happy that I have this opportunity to prove myself and gain skills that will help me later on in my career. Sometime in the further I will be for hire again, but for now I will be busy gaining awesome experience! I start on Monday, wish me luck!

Put Down the Flat Iron and Walk Away

Several weeks ago I posted about my curly hair and how I was about to embark on my new journey towards hair enlightenment. Well actually I just wrote that I was going to follow the popular “Curly Girl” method (named after Lorraine Massey’s book) and see if I can handle not straightening my hair into submission.

When I began the process of following the “Curly Girl” method, which involves staying away from sulfate-free shampoos, hydrating hair with lots of conditioner and using only gel to style the curls with a few other styling techniques, I expected more freedom from my flat iron and my blow dryer and potential fights with my hair because in the past I have not been happy with my curls. I never expected to fall in love with my curls, and lets just say I fell hard.

I had borrowed “Curly Girl” from the library (San Francisco’s libraries are awesome!) after reading an article that referenced the Massey’s book in Glamour Magazine. The version I got was published several years ago but was still a wealth of knowledge. In the book Massey talks about “turning the corner”, that when someone first starts the “Curly Girl” program their hair may not look great for the first few weeks while it is basically healing from heat damage but, around the third week their true curly hair emerges. Well I have more or less turned the corner, and it is wonderful. Not only am I so pleased with how my hair looks, I am happy to have finally put down my flat iron and walk away. I haven’t touched it in nearly 4 weeks and I hope to not use it for at least the next year, if ever again.

The value of curls is so much clearer to me now. Before I blended in with all the other straight haired women out there, now I stand out! Whats more I seem to notice more women with curls all around me, each with unique types of curly hair. My curls have given much more freedom than I thought possible. In the past when I wore my hair curly, I had to maintain it everyday, now I know that if I treat my curls right they can last a few days. My previous hair styling regimen was so extensive that I had plan out my whole day or even week around it. Curls have given me so much more spontaneity in my life.

A funny thing happened right after I started my “Curly Girl” routine; my hairdryer that I’ve had for years broke. I took it as a sign that my flat iron days are over. I ended up getting a new hair dryer, after all I live in San Francisco where going outside with wet hair in the winter is not always a good idea, but my new dryer is a bit more gentle for my curls.

Looking back to my previous post on the subject, I talked about my hope that 2011 will be a year of curls. I choose to make a new year resolution to not touch my flat iron and I get the feeling that will be the first resolution in a long time that I actually keep. Do I still have the urge every now and then to have straight hair? Yes, yes I do. But armed with the new edition of “Curly Girl”, support from websites that celebrate curls (like NaturallyCurly that I recently discovered), all the awesome hair care products I’ve been experimenting with and my new found confidence I am certain that my flat iron will stay under my bathroom sink and I will have a head full of curls throughout 2011.