What Makes Me Smile

In an attempt to keep one of my new year resolution, finding what makes me happy, I have comprised a list of what makes me smile. Here we go!

  • The sunset
  • San Francisco Fog Horns that I can hear from my apartment
  • Getting a magazine in the mail
  • My Boyfriend
  • Any type of gooey chocolaty dessert
  • New music played in my car stereo
  • Seeing the ocean that is 5 blocks from my apartment
  • My friends
  • My dad’s San Francisco State University ID card from the 1970’s
  • Finding a great book at the library
  • San Francisco Giants games
  • Spray painted pictures on sidewalks and buildings (they are all over San Francisco). I saw one yesterday that was a Coke bottle with a heart on it.
  • Adorable animals, including my dog Sadie
  • The night sky

There are more things that make me smile, but if I named them all, this post would be much too long. Hopefully this year I can find even more things to make me smile. 🙂

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