The Year Ahead

What am I looking forward to this year? Well quite a lot actually. Here’s my list:

*GRADUATION!!! I will FINALLY get my Bachelor’s Degree and graduate from college.
*Going out into the “real world” and starting my career
*Celebrating my 23rd Birthday, although 23 seems like such a random age
*My relationship with my boyfriend growing and the possibility of celebrating a 2 year anniversary.
*My curly hair getting longer and having a hairstyle I’ve never had before.
*More fun times with my friends
*Learning new things and trying something I’ve never tried before. This year I want to take trapeze classes.
*Getting healthier. After a rough start to this year, being sick a few different times, I need to get healthier to be happier.

The best parts of any year are the things that no one anticipates happening that are amazing. So I am also looking forward to all the wonderful things that will happen to me that I can’t even predict. Hope its a great year!

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