Underachieving; The Newest Trend?

Since when is it cool to act stupid? When did it become admirable to be lazy and blow off 90 something percent of your college classwork?

So I have my gripes with San Francisco State, that is nothing new. But what has shocked me as of late is how people in my classes brag about the fact that they didn’t do an assignment, failed a test, or don’t pay attention in the class.

Since when is that worth bragging about? Really? Its cool that you don’t do anything in your classes and you barely pass, if you do at all? I just don’t get it.

Don’t get my wrong; I am not an obsessive, overachieving, perfect student who never makes mistakes. I try my best to do well in all my classes and maintain a good GPA. But I also have learned to pick my battles with classes and that some classes can’t be aced. But I do not brag about how I failed a test, am too stupid to know what projects are assigned in class or that I don’t pay attention during lecture.

I don’t see how people think this makes them look cool. It will definitely won’t look cool when you leave college and have a job. Just imagine, bragging to your coworkers about how you never pay attention in meetings, that you didn’t do half of your assigned work or that you constantly skip out of work early to hit happy hour. That won’t make you look cool to your coworkers: that’ll make you look like a loser who doesn’t pull their weight. That will also never get you promoted.

If nothing else, college teaches us how to meet deadlines, pay attention, and be responsible. So if you half-ass learning these skills in college, you will just have to learn them in the working world. That is if an employer is willing to keep you around long enough for you to get the chance to learn them.

I know I am ranting, and for this I ask your apologies. I just can’t believe that in every one of my classes I can hear someone bragging about not doing their work as if it makes them look so cool.

OK, I have ranted long enough. Thanks for your patience my lovely reader, whomever you may be 🙂

I promise to be more positive in my future posts; ranting  doesn’t really do a whole lot of good.

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