The End of the Era

This time has come. I am no longer a college student! Its been 20 years that I have been in school and its finally over!

What a relief. Sitting at my college graduation felt strange. Not very final to me at all. I had a huge sense of finality at my high school graduation. It was the end of my public education and it felt like it. Graduating from college doesn’t feel real. Maybe because its an indication that I return to grad school. Maybe because as corny as it sounds, I will never stop learning.

What’s more strange to me, is that I started to feel disconnected from college around February of this year, and yet on the day of my commencement, I felt very connected to my school. I had pride for San Francisco State University; the same level of pride I had when I first started at SFSU.  Somehow I feel like my connection with SF State is not over, or will probably never end.

The whole time I was at SFSU I was reminded that my father had attended the school about 40 years prior. That connection stuck with me all the way through graduation.

It doesn’t feel like the end. It does feel like a beginning though. The beginning of my career. Which I am finding to be a challenge. I know what I want, so I just have to go after it. Or do I know what I want? I think that I really need to evaluate what exactly I want. I can’t settle, not just yet. I want to make the dreams I set for myself come true. In the same way that it was my goal to graduate from SFSU. And I did it; I didn’t settle. I pushed for what I wanted and got it. I can’t forget that the real world isn’t different. I need to choose a new goal and push for it. All the effort and moxie I put into getting to SFSU needs to be put into looking for a job.

20 years and its all over. Hope the next steps in my life are awesome.

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