I hate Facebook, there I said it. Yes I use it for my job, and yes I am good at using it for business purposes. But I hate it. Why? Because it is buggy, full of spam & privacy issues, and as I am writing this my account is “temporarily unavailable”, whatever the heck that means.

Long have I hoped for something to come along and kill Facebook. I got my hopes up for Diaspora, the KickStarter funded social media network, but when it didn’t really pan out as I had thought, my hopes were dashed.

Enter Google+, the hot-right-now Google social network. If it belongs to Google, you can be sure it will take off. Right now its invite-only. Lucky for me my boyfriend works in tech and invited me when he got in. Soon it’s supposed to go public, and from there I can only hope that it dominates.

I am still learning all the features of Google+, but so far what I love that you can share different posts, pictures, and other content with different “Circles” of people. That way you can choose what parts of your life people get to see. I see this as being particularly useful if you are planning a party and only inviting a choice group of people. You can give them updates about the event byonly posting content for that group of people to see, genius! You can also edit comments and follow people and topics you like, all without the terribly annoying Facebook application crap. That’s right Zygna, I’m talking about your stupid games that I never want to see again.

I can’t wait for this go public, and when it does I hope that it becomes more awesome. I am already a slave to all things Google; Gmail, Chrome, Docs, Android, etc. So if Google+ means that Google will soon take over the world, I am OK with that. Oh and if you want invites to Google+, let me know. I need an email address, so if you feel comfortable giving it out, leave it in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Google+

  1. funny really that you actually have a facebook share button below your blogpost 😉 just an observation… but yes, please do invite me to google+ – would be happy to see how it works. Me too i’m addicted to all things google… Googlegroup, gmail, chrome, but i’m very wordpress minded as well: which soon will be converted to as the website will be wordpress hosted soon. check it out and let me know your reaction. do look forward to your invite. Guido

    1. unfortunately, the work around to invite people has been patched. If you have a Gmail account, you should be able to go directly to and attempt to sign in. It might tell you something along the lines of “Google is testing Plus with a group and will have the kinks worked out soon”. Good luck!

      Also, yeah, I do have a Facebook like button. Sadly Facebook is the biggest thing right now, but I really hope that all changes.

      1. cheers Sarah!

        i like reading your blog… it’s ”common sense” approach and it reads easy… keep ‘m coming… cheers! guido

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