I’m Happy I Don’t Live In LA

I just saw a map of the 405 closure. Really? LA is flipping out about 10 miles of 405 closure when they have several other freeways to choose from? Lame.

I know that the 405 is supposed to be the busiest and most congested freeway in LA and probably California. But, I have never seen this. I’ve driven on the 405 a few times, and yet never encountered the horrible traffic that everyone complains about. A few back-ups here and there? Sure. But terrible gridlock, no.

Maybe I have no room to talk because I don’t live in LA. But thank god for that.

2 thoughts on “I’m Happy I Don’t Live In LA

  1. 😉 try standing in the traffic jams for the next 10 years of your life, and count the hours that you lost of your life, by standing in them….you’ll start to complain about every single minute you loose because of it…. be happy you don’t live in such town.. and that counts for any large town in the world! the best way to commute is by public transport.. they have the priority lanes allways…. however, is it affordable??? that’s the real question. as long as the government don’t provide free or nearly-free public transport, people will remain in their cars until they die…

    1. True, but public transportation can be just as bad. I live in San Francisco where I take MUNI to work. It’s inefficient and unreliable. If I could drive, I would but I can’t afford the cost of parking.

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