Favorite Things of Late

Just a list of stuff I’m loving lately.

XOJane, and beauty sister site XOVain. I’m usually bothered by most content directed at women. It’s either the same rehashed garbage advice about sex, makeup, and fashion that’s filled women’s magazines (and there respective websites) for the last ten years, or it’s too aggressively feminist and/or self-righteous for my tastes.

XOJane strikes a nice balance between superficial advice I actually want, human interest stories (I can’t get enough of those), and people talking about general life issues I always wanted to talk about, but felt were too “rude” to bring up to my friends. And when some writers get a little too feminist for my taste, I just look the other away. I’ve even met a group of gal friends through XOJane, which is awesome.

These Keen sandals. My boyfriend bought them for me for my trip to Israel. Despite being kind of ugly, they are incredibly comfortable. They also held up well on an 11 day excursion around the country.

2013-05-07 08.55.38

Let’s Play Minecraft. Four to five dudes playing Minecraft, making inappropriate jokes. Don’t ask me why, but I love these videos. It’s gotten to the point that I’d rather watch them play Minecraft than play it myself.

The West Wing. I’m more than 10 years late to this show, but I completely understand why my mom liked it so much when it first aired. Sorkin is pretty great at writing an entertaining and (in my mind) believable storyline, and the actors are so fun to watch. Plus, who doesn’t love Rob Lowe?

Credit: Warner Brothers
Credit: Warner Brothers

And, as always, the San Francisco Giants. Swept the Dodgers, top of the West, and four walk-offs this season (as of May 2013)? YES.

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