Crunchy Remedies for Facial Woes; A Book Review

Adult acne. It sucks. It sucks more when you feel like you are fighting a loosing battle because you can’t use certain weapons. I won’t go into tons of detail, but lets just say this something I’ve dealt with for the last two years.

In recent months I have been adopting more natural remedies to fight the acne war. Call me a hippie, call me crunchy, call me whatever, I don’t really care. These remedies really work, and work much better than the countless commercial acne skin care systems I’ve tried.

It all started about six months ago. I was searching the web for ways to get rid of acne and came across a mention in a forum about washing your face with oil. Horrified, I thought “Oil? On my oily face? What?”. I did a Google search to get more information before I completely shut my mind to it. Enter Crunchy Betty. With her article on the oil cleansing method , my skepticism melted away. The logic made sense and I figured, I’ll give this a try. And my face cleared up! For the first time in about a year my breakouts were diminished significantly and I didn’t have to spend a ton of money.

Since then I put a lot of faith into Crunchy Betty, also known as Leslie, who runs a great website on “crunchy” living and natural practices for everyday life. I’ve adopted other skin cleansing routines, such as washing my face with honey and using baking soda as a facial scrub, all while seeing significant improvement in my skin.

A few weeks ago Leslie released her first eBook, “Crunchy Betty’s Food on Your Face for Acne and Oily Skin“.  When I first found out she was releasing a book about treating acne and oily skin I was excited! It was just what I needed. Luckily, Crunchy Betty didn’t disappoint; the advice and recipes are fabulous for breakouts and oily skin. I’m not writing this to promote her book or to sell anything, I’m writing because I really believe in all the advice she gives.

So, here’s my PSA: if you have tried everything else for your oily, broken-out skin, check out Crunchy Betty. Open your mind to natural remedies for common skin care woes, it might just surprise you.

Favorite Blogs Roundup, Plus Honey Challenge

Never stop learning. Ever since I graduated from college, I have had the pleasure of spending my time learning about food, technology, natural living, blogging, grammar, and so much more. Its refreshing to fill my mind with useful and interesting information everyday.

In order to learn about all these wonderful things, I have been reading blogs like mad. (I just discovered how to use Google Reader about a month ago and I love it!) Below are a few blogs/websites that I love and get especially excited about when a new post is published:

  • Crunch Betty is my favorite discovery. I didn’t realize how “crunchy” I was and wanted to be until I found Leslie’s awesome website. This website/blog is devoted to “crunchy” or natural living; using natural products for home, body, and life in general. The information that fills the site is informative, interesting, and entertaining. This is where the honey challenge comes from, but more on that later.
  • 101 Cookbooks is written by Heidi Swanson, a food writer based in San Francisco. Her recipes are enticing, her photography is stunning.
  • Living in San Francisco, I encounter our main public transportation system–MUNI–almost daily. For helpful information, interesting stories, and funny anecdotes about MUNI, I rely on MUNI Diaries.
  • San Francisco is a theme in my life and my favorite aspect of San Francisco is our baseball team, the Giants. A inside perspective of two of our Giants’ players lives, Brandon Belt and Mark DeRosa, can be found on their blog, The Veteran and the Rook. I kind of, um, have a crush on Brandon Belt, so I really love reading his blog.
  • The Oatmeal is where I go for funny and interesting comics about grammar, animals, and general awesome information.
  • The ProBlogger Blog offers great blogging tips with lots of humor. I especially enjoyed their latest post on SEO titled: “Why Bieber SEO Copywriting Sex Doesn’t Ipad Work Minecraft”.

So there you have it, the list of a few of my favorite blogs. Now on to the honey challenge.

One of the great ideas to come out of Crunchy Betty is to use honey to wash your face. When I first read about this I thought, “What?! Honey as a face wash? Wouldn’t that be hard to get off my face?”. But, because I trust Crunchy Betty to not steer me wrong, I decided to give it a shot and I am so glad that I did. I’ve been washing my face with honey for about a week now and my skin is improving. Overall, its smoother, more moisturized, and I have fewer breakouts. This will very likely be my face wash from now on.

Crunchy Betty started a honey challenge two weeks ago; challenging her readers to wash their face with honey everyday for two weeks, no exceptions. I was a little late to the game with getting into the challenge, but I have still been able to reap the benefits of using honey as a face wash. Head on over to for the low down on washing your face with honey and give it a try for yourself.