Crunchy Remedies for Facial Woes; A Book Review

Adult acne. It sucks. It sucks more when you feel like you are fighting a loosing battle because you can’t use certain weapons. I won’t go into tons of detail, but lets just say this something I’ve dealt with for the last two years.

In recent months I have been adopting more natural remedies to fight the acne war. Call me a hippie, call me crunchy, call me whatever, I don’t really care. These remedies really work, and work much better than the countless commercial acne skin care systems I’ve tried.

It all started about six months ago. I was searching the web for ways to get rid of acne and came across a mention in a forum about washing your face with oil. Horrified, I thought “Oil? On my oily face? What?”. I did a Google search to get more information before I completely shut my mind to it. Enter Crunchy Betty. With her article on the oil cleansing method , my skepticism melted away. The logic made sense and I figured, I’ll give this a try. And my face cleared up! For the first time in about a year my breakouts were diminished significantly and I didn’t have to spend a ton of money.

Since then I put a lot of faith into Crunchy Betty, also known as Leslie, who runs a great website on “crunchy” living and natural practices for everyday life. I’ve adopted other skin cleansing routines, such as washing my face with honey and using baking soda as a facial scrub, all while seeing significant improvement in my skin.

A few weeks ago Leslie released her first eBook, “Crunchy Betty’s Food on Your Face for Acne and Oily Skin“.  When I first found out she was releasing a book about treating acne and oily skin I was excited! It was just what I needed. Luckily, Crunchy Betty didn’t disappoint; the advice and recipes are fabulous for breakouts and oily skin. I’m not writing this to promote her book or to sell anything, I’m writing because I really believe in all the advice she gives.

So, here’s my PSA: if you have tried everything else for your oily, broken-out skin, check out Crunchy Betty. Open your mind to natural remedies for common skin care woes, it might just surprise you.

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