Not Resolutions, But Goals

I don’t resolve to do anything this year, but I do have goals I want to accomplish. Given that last year I set just one goal for myself (run a 5K) and I was able to achieve it, I’m setting the bar higher in 2013. Here we go:

  • Sit in the Arcade and Bleachers at Giants games. I’ve watched the Giants play at AT&T Park in every level, from Lower Box to View Reserve, including the private boxes. But I haven’t sat in the bleachers with the crazy fans, or sat in the arcade where I can turn over the Ks. I want to do both this year.
  • Run another 5K and/or run my first mudder race.
  • Think Less, Trust More. This is my 2013 motto. Trust my judgement more, make more snap decisions, and think less about 2 hours, 3 days, or 5 weeks in the future.
  • Save for a new computer. Yes, it will be an Apple laptop. No, I’m not exactly thrilled about that.
  • Start an IRA.
  • Get addicted to caffeine. Ha ha. But seriously, I need more energy.
  • Alternatively, fix my sleep patterns.
  • Use my Fitbit more/track my health metrics.
  • Learn more Spanish. Hey, I’m already halfway there!

It’s an ambitious list, but I’m hoping I can tackle it. Now I just have to wait for the New Year’s resolutioners to get sick of going to the gym so I can get my spot on the treadmill back. Ciao!

And We Did It Again

Three years, two World Series Championships for the San Francisco Giants. I couldn’t be more proud. I just had to pick up a San Francisco Chronicle today, to match the one from two years ago.

Side note – To those crazy people who fired guns, flipped over cars, set things on fire in the streets, and bashed in the windows of my office building: You are not true fans. You make Giants fans look like lunatics. I heard most of you don’t even live in San Francisco, nor have been fans of the Giants for longer than four years. Please go away from San Francisco and do not return the next time we win. Thank You.

Good Morning, World Series

I walked past AT&T Park this morning and the place looks great for day one of the 2012 World Series. Can’t wait to see the Giants play the Tigers. Should be a great series.

Watching on Monday when the Giants shut out the Cardinals in Game 7 of the NLCS was awesome. Especially since I was at home curled up under a Giants blanket, while it poured outside apartment and at the stadium during the 9th inning. But that didn’t seem to matter to Sergio Romo, would looks very happy:

Photo: San Francisco Giants