Not Resolutions, But Goals

I don’t resolve to do anything this year, but I do have goals I want to accomplish. Given that last year I set just one goal for myself (run a 5K) and I was able to achieve it, I’m setting the bar higher in 2013. Here we go:

  • Sit in the Arcade and Bleachers at Giants games. I’ve watched the Giants play at AT&T Park in every level, from Lower Box to View Reserve, including the private boxes. But I haven’t sat in the bleachers with the crazy fans, or sat in the arcade where I can turn over the Ks. I want to do both this year.
  • Run another 5K and/or run my first mudder race.
  • Think Less, Trust More. This is my 2013 motto. Trust my judgement more, make more snap decisions, and think less about 2 hours, 3 days, or 5 weeks in the future.
  • Save for a new computer. Yes, it will be an Apple laptop. No, I’m not exactly thrilled about that.
  • Start an IRA.
  • Get addicted to caffeine. Ha ha. But seriously, I need more energy.
  • Alternatively, fix my sleep patterns.
  • Use my Fitbit more/track my health metrics.
  • Learn more Spanish. Hey, I’m already halfway there!

It’s an ambitious list, but I’m hoping I can tackle it. Now I just have to wait for the New Year’s resolutioners to get sick of going to the gym so I can get my spot on the treadmill back. Ciao!

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