Time to Be Happy

I am sick of feeling like I should know what I want to do with my life right now. I have lived for many years with the notion that I need to know where I am going, how I am going to get there and when I am going to get there.

Let’s face facts. I have no clue where I am going and no idea how I am getting there. I am 23. It is very likely a fact that by 30 I will be in a completely different place than where I am now; physically, mentally, job wise, etc.

The sooner I accept the fact that I don’t know exactly where I am going, the better. I can finally learn to be happy and stop doing things for the wrong reasons.

Why do I blog now? To prove I can write and to get a job. Why should I be blogging? Because I love to write. I like to share my thoughts, ideas and feelings. Writing the easiest way I’ve found to express myself. Enough of writing to get a job, to prove myself. That doesn’t make me happy, and I’m sick and tired of being unhappy.

Having a job is crucial; I have to make a living. Following some path to my “dream job”– that seems stupid to me know. Especially because I want to write for a living, there is not going to be a clear cut path. I will likely have many different types of jobs, freelancing gigs, and other opportunities that come my way in my quest to be a writer. In order keep myself happy, I need to throw out convention and stop trying to follow a job path.

So that’s what I am seeking now, happiness. Aren’t we all? Don’t we all just want to be happy? Of course.

Let me know what makes you happy, I want to hear about it.

Writer for Hire Indeed

So unfortunately, I had to leave my internship due to a lack of funding. I don’t blame my company; they are a start-up trying to make their business work and costs needed to be cut. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I was given because it helped establish my portfolio and expand my skills. I learned so much about social media and added skills to my resume that I didn’t even know existed.
So whats the moral of this story? I am a writer for hire! So hire me! Links to my professional and academic work are under the professional work tab and my resume has its own section too. If you like what you see, email or call me!