Time to Be Happy

I am sick of feeling like I should know what I want to do with my life right now. I have lived for many years with the notion that I need to know where I am going, how I am going to get there and when I am going to get there.

Let’s face facts. I have no clue where I am going and no idea how I am getting there. I am 23. It is very likely a fact that by 30 I will be in a completely different place than where I am now; physically, mentally, job wise, etc.

The sooner I accept the fact that I don’t know exactly where I am going, the better. I can finally learn to be happy and stop doing things for the wrong reasons.

Why do I blog now? To prove I can write and to get a job. Why should I be blogging? Because I love to write. I like to share my thoughts, ideas and feelings. Writing the easiest way I’ve found to express myself. Enough of writing to get a job, to prove myself. That doesn’t make me happy, and I’m sick and tired of being unhappy.

Having a job is crucial; I have to make a living. Following some path to my “dream job”– that seems stupid to me know. Especially because I want to write for a living, there is not going to be a clear cut path. I will likely have many different types of jobs, freelancing gigs, and other opportunities that come my way in my quest to be a writer. In order keep myself happy, I need to throw out convention and stop trying to follow a job path.

So that’s what I am seeking now, happiness. Aren’t we all? Don’t we all just want to be happy? Of course.

Let me know what makes you happy, I want to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “Time to Be Happy

  1. a great politician in the netherlands once said: ”it’s not about the goal, it’s about the path you walk, the things you do, and the people you’ll meet, to reach that goal!”…. so the moral is: set a goal, and enjoy the journey towards it, and more importantly, learn….

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