And We Did It Again

Three years, two World Series Championships for the San Francisco Giants. I couldn’t be more proud. I just had to pick up a San Francisco Chronicle today, to match the one from two years ago.

Side note – To those crazy people who fired guns, flipped over cars, set things on fire in the streets, and bashed in the windows of my office building: You are not true fans. You make Giants fans look like lunatics. I heard most of you don’t even live in San Francisco, nor have been fans of the Giants for longer than four years. Please go away from San Francisco and do not return the next time we win. Thank You.

Good Morning, World Series

I walked past AT&T Park this morning and the place looks great for day one of the 2012 World Series. Can’t wait to see the Giants play the Tigers. Should be a great series.

Watching on Monday when the Giants shut out the Cardinals in Game 7 of the NLCS was awesome. Especially since I was at home curled up under a Giants blanket, while it poured outside apartment and at the stadium during the 9th inning. But that didn’t seem to matter to Sergio Romo, would looks very happy:

Photo: San Francisco Giants

World Series

Remember today as the day that dreams came true and one life goal was fulfilled. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series for the first time in 56 years. They have gone three times to the Series in my lifetime and this time they went all the way. One of my dad’s goals was to see his beloved team win the Series. Since he never got the chance, I made it one of my life goals. This year was great for my team and for me. My boyfriend caught a foul ball at a Giants game, a Panda ball in fact, hit by Pablo Sandoval. That was one life goal, get a foul ball at a baseball game. Then I got to watch my Giants win their Division, their Pennant and then the Series, which was another goal. What a great year for San Francisco. This win is for my dad. I love my San Francisco Giants and will be watching them for many years to come

The San Francisco Giants

My all time favorite baseball team is the San Francisco Giants. This is not exactly by choice– in a way, I was born loving the Giants. My father was an absolute die hard fan and that love transferred to me. My first Halloween costume was a Giant’s cheerleader, something my dad undoubtedly picked out.

My father grew up watching Giants baseball in his hometown of San Francisco. Baseball was one of the few joys in his childhood and he held onto the joy well into his adulthood. He was a season ticket holder, had tons of Giants memorabilia, followed the team to their spring training sessions in Arizona and went to as many home games as he could. He even worked for the Giants at one point– that man was obsessed with this team.

However, I was born a “girly girl”. I was not athletic and didn’t understand baseball despite my father’s efforts to teach me everything he could. Going to games, for me, was an opportunity to get hot dogs, ice cream and peanuts. However that all changed after my father passed away. My mother and I relocated to Arizona and I began to like baseball. It was as if someone had flipped a switch in me and suddenly I was interested. Once that switch was flipped, my mind didn’t say to just like any team, it said “You like the Giants”. I began going to games in Phoenix when the Giants were in town. My own obsession started to grow. By my high school years I loved my Giants. I went to a spring training game before buying my junior prom dress. I made a point to visit the Giant’s new stadium in San Francisco when I was there for a school trip. I even spent my 18th birthday at a Giants game.

Now I will not say the Giants are the best team in baseball. They have had their horrible seasons and their good ones. However, I loved them all the same.I am with them through the good and bad, and am not a “fair weather fan”. I was there cheering them on when they made it to the World Series in 2003. I stayed up watching the final game of the Division series, screaming and jumping up and down when they won. Now, I am watching my Giants try to make it to the World Series again, and I couldn’t be more proud of my team.

So here is to my Giants, whether they make it all the way to the Series (and hopefully win, (which lets face it, they complete deserve to do so)) or loose to the Phillies, I will be there next season cheering them on.