World Series

Remember today as the day that dreams came true and one life goal was fulfilled. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series for the first time in 56 years. They have gone three times to the Series in my lifetime and this time they went all the way. One of my dad’s goals was to see his beloved team win the Series. Since he never got the chance, I made it one of my life goals. This year was great for my team and for me. My boyfriend caught a foul ball at a Giants game, a Panda ball in fact, hit by Pablo Sandoval. That was one life goal, get a foul ball at a baseball game. Then I got to watch my Giants win their Division, their Pennant and then the Series, which was another goal. What a great year for San Francisco. This win is for my dad. I love my San Francisco Giants and will be watching them for many years to come

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