Colorful Shots of The Moon are Awesome

My love for space will never die.

From Wired: “This mosaic of 53 images shows the different composition of rocks on the moon’s surface. Blue and orange colors represent lava flows, bright pink areas are highlands, and light blue colors indicate recent impact material with the youngest craters showing blue rays extending away from them.”

Image: NASA/JPL/Wired

Thank You, Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong, just after the Apollo 11 moonwalk. Photo: NASA

I was born 19 years after Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. Even though I didn’t get the chance to watch his and Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 moonwalk live, they both made a great impression on me as a kid.

If you asked me as a child who my hero was, it was Neil. My love of space ran deep and naturally, I idolized the astronauts that were brave enough to go to the moon.

So here’s to Neil Armstrong, a hero of mine who will always be more famous and special than any stupid modern-day celebrity.