Colorful Shots of The Moon are Awesome

My love for space will never die.

From Wired: “This mosaic of 53 images shows the different composition of rocks on the moon’s surface. Blue and orange colors represent lava flows, bright pink areas are highlands, and light blue colors indicate recent impact material with the youngest craters showing blue rays extending away from them.”

Image: NASA/JPL/Wired

Pics From September

I meant to post this before September ended, but I guess the beginning of October is just as good.

Here are a few shots of my life in September. It started with a trip to the Valley (San Joaquin, not of the Sun or Silicon), and ended with cold, foggy weather. Insert a few random work events, five trips to Palo Alto, two Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Salted Carmel Cake Pops from Starbucks (I wasn’t a huge fan), and some crazy weather and you basically have my September.

Bay Bridge in the fog
M&Ms cookie and lemonade from Panera
Train tracks on the way home
A rare sunny day
One of the many pretty flowers at the Stanford Shopping Center
I caught the sign midway through lighting up
Back to the fog at the end of the month

Sunny September

Well hello there sunshine and warm weather, San Francisco sure has missed you. Today is a very warm day in San Francisco, almost hot even. San Franciscans know that September is one of the nicest months in the city; we get a nice Indian summer that warms the city and gives us perfectly clear skies. In fact all last weekend was gorgeous–I spent Sunday hiking the Lands End Trail at the northern most point of San Francisco under a cloudless sky (more on that later).

If you can’t tell, I have an affinity for  the Transamerica Pyramid. I also happen to work around the corner from it. I went out for coffee this afternoon and couldn’t help but snap a pic of the building against the blazing sun.