I guess in a way I am not much of a “Writer for Hire” at the moment, I got an awesome internship! I am super excited to get to develop my writing skills further (finally!). The skills I will gain through my internship will hopefully put me a step above the rest when I start my career search after I graduate in May. I will also have awesome professional experience to add to my resume.

Through the process of applying for jobs and going to my interview, a phrase came to me, “It can take a long time for it to rain, but when it rains, it pours”. Now the latter part of that phrase is an expression that not necessarily positive. It usually implies that when one negative event occurs, more can or will pile on top. However, the phrase that kept coming into my mind had a more positive idea behind it for me. I had begun my job search a few weeks ago and had my days where I felt defeated by a lack of response. However immediately after I was offered my new internship I received responses from other internships I applied for. This led me to think of the phrase that kept popping in my head. What the phrase means to me is that it can take a while for an opportunity to come my way, but when one opportunity comes along, more opportunities will come with it. If I can remind myself of that, I know I can gain the success I want.

I am so happy that I have this opportunity to prove myself and gain skills that will help me later on in my career. Sometime in the further I will be for hire again, but for now I will be busy gaining awesome experience! I start on Monday, wish me luck!

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