San Francisco

I have the pleasure of living in one of the coolest cities in the World. Tourists flock here by the thousands every year and the landmarks are iconic. We have world class restaurants, fabulous shopping, and diverse cultural neighborhoods. San Francisco has an allure that compares to all the other famous cities of the world.

However, that allure can be lost on San Francisco’s residents. We see the unsavory parts of the city; the dirty MUNI buses, streets filled with potholes, and horrific parking conditions. Unfortunately the day to day life in San Francisco has prevented me from really appreciating the wonder of the city.

Luckily for me, yesterday was a rare day in San Francisco where you could actually see the blue sky and the sun! I went down to Chrissy Field and got to see almost all of the San Francisco Bay. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge and downtown was spectacular. Walking along Chrissy Field towards the Golden Gate Bridge helped restore my love of the great city I call home.

As I drove home, the fog rolled back in. The rare moments we San Franciscans get without fog, overcast and freezing weather make the rest of the days of the year bearable.

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