Glad That’s Over

So what’s more stressful than the first week of a new semester and a second week of work? Being sick for the first week of a new semester and a second week of work. Let me tell you, last week was exhausting.

I despise being sick. I doubt many people actually enjoy it, but I feel I have a lower than average tolerance for having a cold or the flu. My body never seems to respond well to over the counter cold medicine so I am left suffering through awful symptoms. I also typically can never rest when I have a cold, meaning  I can’t do the ONE thing that actually helps to get over a cold.

Last week was probably the worst time to come down with something. See the thing is, as is true in most colleges, that the for first week of classes you must show up to the first class meeting or risk getting dropped from the class. This meant I didn’t have the luxury of saying ” I really should be resting, let me skip my class today”. Instead, I had to drag myself to SFSU’s campus and go to class. Now I was unfortunate enough to get sick for the beginning of the Spring semester last year too, but I had the luxury (if you want to call it that) of living on campus, which meant that dragging myself to class was not such a big deal. This year though I live off campus, a 20 minute bus ride or 10 min drive away.

On top of having to go to every class meeting (though I did skip one, oops!) I also had work to do. Luckily, I have amazing, understanding bosses who gave me all the time I needed to rest and get better.

Long story short, I had a loooonng week. Being sick is never fun and I honestly pray that I don’t get sick again this year, at all.

I can’t wait for next week when I can go to school, want to be there, be able to pay attention and have fun. I also can’t wait to have all the energy I need to get my work done again!

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