Bring On The Spring Semester

Tomorrow is the start of my LAST semester of my undergraduate work!

Am I excited? Well, I am excited to be finished with my Bachelor’s Degree. I am excited to finally be on my way to graduation and commencement.

However, I am not excited to start this semester in the same way I started the Spring semester last year, by battling a cold. There is no other way to describe how I feel about being sick on the first week: it sucks.

I really need all the energy I can get this week; I have tons of class meetings to go to and its my second week of my new job. I know that as far as school goes, I will hardly have any assignments, but its the fact that I have to physically GO to campus that will exhaust me.

I worry that I am taking on too much this semester. I only need nine units to graduate but yet I am taking twelve.  This all thanks to financial aid. Hopefully I can make it through the semester and my job without overwhelming myself. Hopefully I can make it through the first week without passing out!

I’ll keep you, my lovely reader, posted throughout the semester one how my last term is going. For now, I am going to go bask in the fact that in 5 months I will (FINALLY) have a degree!

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