Misguided School Pride

There has been a trend that I have observed around San Francisco State. Lots of people proudly wearing sweatshirts representing their school pride. The problem is, its pride for other schools.

I don’t really understand this. I mean these people obviously attend San Francisco State University and judging by our transfer rate, they aren’t likely leaving anytime soon. So why wear a sweatshirt with UCLA, SDSU, or Berkeley emblazoned on it? Are you hoping that you are going to get to that school someday?

I almost feel like the words “wish I went to” or “didn’t get accepted to” should be on the sweatshirt above the school acronym.

I get that SFSU is not the most spirited school; a large majority of the student body commutes to school, spending little time there. We don’t have a large sports department to get excited about, and we are certainly not an Ivy League school. But still! Come on SF State students, have a little pride in where you are getting your degree from. You obviously chose to go to this school, for one reason or another. I know that our library is under construction, and sometimes our faculty is sub par, but we could be so much worse.

So to all you people who walk around with other school’s sweatshirts, I hope you realize how foolish you look. For everyone who wears their SFSU sweatshirt with pride, good for you.

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