Goodbye “College Life”

There comes a time, after you graduate from the college, that you outgrow the “college life” and leave it behind. Meaning, you outgrow the way you lived in college–partying, staying up super late, making a fool of yourself, etc. You realize you are too old for it.

Tonight was the night that I fully realized that I am too old to act like a college kid. Don’t get me wrong, I love the friends I have that are still in college. They are nice people who are fun to be around. They are still young and should fully enjoy their youth. But I am not them, and I am no longer their age. No longer can I do the things they do. And frankly, I don’t want to anymore.

Tonight I move on from that life. I put it all in the past. I’m not sad about it because I would rather act 23 than 20. I would rather have responsibilities and privileges than drunken nights and hangovers.

Now I Feel It

My grades just posted for my final college semester and I passed everything (with a 3.5 gpa). I was completely confident that I would get great grades and pass my classes, but there is something so amazing about seeing everything with my own eyes.

It finally feels more real than it did on my commencement day. Next step is to get my diploma. Then it’s really real.

I feel so blessed to have accomplished a dream I have had for so long. But i feel like accomplishing this dream has left me unsure of what comes next. I have new dreams but not much clue of how to achieve them. Maybe this is the right kick in the butt I need to start evaluating how to get my new dreams.

Blessings in Disguise

Perhaps one of my favorite quotes is “God never gives you more than you can handle”. I am not a deeply religious person, in fact I am hardly “religious” at all. I have my own version of spiritually and my own relationship with God that exists beyond the parameters of any one religion.

OK, enough religion talk; it always makes me uneasy.

Today my favorite quote came to me over and over again. Things didn’t exactly go my way today and I was feeling unhappy. I had been given the gift of time when I didn’t exactly want it.

The more I thought about my situation, the more I realized that whether I wanted it or not, I needed this gift of time. As any busy college student will tell you, when homework rains; it pours. Most students typically get assigned a ton of projects, papers and exams that all are due around the same time.

I am no exception. This month is filled to the brim with term papers, exams, a 20 page research paper, and a 10 minute speech. This is the best possible time for me to get the gift of time; to be able to finish all my assignments without having to cram the work into 3 days per week.

I may not be completely happy with my new found gift of time, but I have little control over it. In fact, I have little control over a lot of things. The sooner I come to terms with that the better. The only thing I can control is how I feel about situations that come my way and try to see the positive in everything.

“God never gives you more than you can handle”. I realized that what happened was God’s way of not giving more than I can handle. And that truly is a blessing.

Misguided School Pride

There has been a trend that I have observed around San Francisco State. Lots of people proudly wearing sweatshirts representing their school pride. The problem is, its pride for other schools.

I don’t really understand this. I mean these people obviously attend San Francisco State University and judging by our transfer rate, they aren’t likely leaving anytime soon. So why wear a sweatshirt with UCLA, SDSU, or Berkeley emblazoned on it? Are you hoping that you are going to get to that school someday?

I almost feel like the words “wish I went to” or “didn’t get accepted to” should be on the sweatshirt above the school acronym.

I get that SFSU is not the most spirited school; a large majority of the student body commutes to school, spending little time there. We don’t have a large sports department to get excited about, and we are certainly not an Ivy League school. But still! Come on SF State students, have a little pride in where you are getting your degree from. You obviously chose to go to this school, for one reason or another. I know that our library is under construction, and sometimes our faculty is sub par, but we could be so much worse.

So to all you people who walk around with other school’s sweatshirts, I hope you realize how foolish you look. For everyone who wears their SFSU sweatshirt with pride, good for you.

Bring On The Spring Semester

Tomorrow is the start of my LAST semester of my undergraduate work!

Am I excited? Well, I am excited to be finished with my Bachelor’s Degree. I am excited to finally be on my way to graduation and commencement.

However, I am not excited to start this semester in the same way I started the Spring semester last year, by battling a cold. There is no other way to describe how I feel about being sick on the first week: it sucks.

I really need all the energy I can get this week; I have tons of class meetings to go to and its my second week of my new job. I know that as far as school goes, I will hardly have any assignments, but its the fact that I have to physically GO to campus that will exhaust me.

I worry that I am taking on too much this semester. I only need nine units to graduate but yet I am taking twelve.  This all thanks to financial aid. Hopefully I can make it through the semester and my job without overwhelming myself. Hopefully I can make it through the first week without passing out!

I’ll keep you, my lovely reader, posted throughout the semester one how my last term is going. For now, I am going to go bask in the fact that in 5 months I will (FINALLY) have a degree!