Transamerica Pyramid in the Sun

Today the skies are clear in San Francisco! I snapped this on my way back from lunch. I was going to apply a fun effect to it with my Instagram-wannabe Android app picplz, but the blue sky was so pretty and bright that I didn’t want to alter the picture.


5 thoughts on “Transamerica Pyramid in the Sun

  1. You know, I don’t really see myself as a photographer, though I wish I was. This picture was taken on my Android phone!
    On my other blog,, I photograph all of the recipes I cook. I wish I had a better camera though and a few more photography skills up my sleeve.

  2. well, making such pictures from an android that sharp… okay, but i’m no expert either… but still very impressive in my point of view. I do like photography, but i am not as steady with my hands, so i need a statiff for making such sharp pictures. I did find one of 1 meter high, completely retractable to 30 cm’s…. found it at an airport, it was bizar. i did see your other blog, and the recipes look nice. i might give it a go sometime soon….

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