Thanks Steve

I know I am doing nothing more than adding to the barrage of blog posts that are discussing and documenting Steve Jobs’ untimely passing. I don’t care. His death has struck a chord with me, so I must post my thoughts.


When I heard the news this afternoon I was deeply saddened. Death has been and will always be a difficult subject for me. I know what it is to have profound loss and will always empathize with those who’ve been left behind. Tonight I think about Steve’s wife and kids.

Beyond the sadness over his passing, I thought about Steve’s revolutionary contributions to technology. I wondered how his death will affect Apple as a company, especially since it came one day after a lackluster Apple announcement that was met with an underwhelming response from tech pundits and consumers alike. My thoughts after Jobs’ resignation were that he’d still have some say in Apple’s business and product development. Now I question what the future of Apple will look like now that he’s gone, I am sure that it will never be the same.

In conclusion, I want to join the many who are saying  Thank You to Steve Jobs. Tonight I started an extended learning class and I brought my iPad with me to take notes. It was awesome; I wish I had an iPad in college, life would have been easier. So thanks Steve Jobs,  for making my life easier, allowing me to take 50 CDs with me wherever I went when I got my first iPod at 16, and thank you for producing the first computer I ever used. Rest in Peace.

I posted about Apple and Steve Jobs back in August when he resigned as CEO, for all my thoughts about the company and him as a person, you can read that post.

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