Oh Hello There 2012

So many times in the last two months I meant to get on here and write a post. Over Christmas I wanted to write about the cynical attitude I had adopted. In the beginning of December I meant to post an update about my new (and awesome job).

But I didn’t do either of those things. I’ve just been so busy. So now that I’ve made my way over here, I ought to fill you in on how life has been.

First, job update. I am now an editorial intern at VentureBeat, a technology and business blog. And its awesome. Better than I could have hoped. I finally feel like I am on the path to what I want. Not that freelancing wasn’t a blast — it was. But its nice to have a stable day job that is fun and exciting.

Second, as is par for course in the new year, I’ve created resolutions. Well, sort of. See, I really hate new years resolutions. Like many Americas, I don’t keep them. They die before ever seeing February.

So this year I have goals, one of which is to organize my digital life (and hopefully write a post about how I did it). I follow so many blogs and websites and forums that the constant stream of content has become overwhelming and stressful. I should want to read all the great blogs I follow, not feel obligated to. I intend to clean out my Google Reader and Reddit Feeds, and my two messy email accounts.

My other goal is to indulge my inner child, something I rarely do. I’d go into more detail, but that’s a whole other post worth of stuff.

Oh, and I intend to join a gym (gasp). I really hate to admit that because I feel that writing it sets me up for failure, but I lack muscle strength and I want to get stronger. Not thinner, not lighter, not more toned. I want to be strong and healthy. If I focus on obtaining a flat stomach or weighing less, I am destined to get upset when I don’t the results I want and I will likely stop going to the gym. But if I focus on making a healthier lifestyle choice, hopefully I will see the value in exercising and stick with it.

Well that’s what I’ve been up to and where I intend to go. Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Oh Hello There 2012

  1. hey sarah! good for you! happy to hear the freelance and stady are going steady… allways nice to have something by the hand. for the gym, don’t wate your money on these gyms. go to http://www.bodyrock.tv – and disciplin yourself to do one exercise every morning…. it’s free! and if you are up for it, go to tacfitcommando.com and buy the package there for tacfit commando, this video based fitness program goes really great with a smart phone and is designed that if you stick to the plan, in 9 months you should be tactical fit for anything, muscular functional strength, no tare and wear on your body, etc… it comes with a plan and a scoreboard on which you fill out your results and you can then see that you’ve been progressing along the way… i’m doing the tacfit commando program and it works for me! be good! best regards and a fabulous new year 2012!

  2. Hi Sarah – Love reading your posts. It sounds like you’re working hard and living the good life in my favorite city. Congratulations on your success as a writer. Your posts are very interesting, informative and FUN to read.

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