Finally it’s Finals

If you are a college student or once was one, you know that finals can be the worst part of the semester. That could not be more true for me right now. In the past my finals have been a breeze; I’d only have approximately two actual exams and then a few other projects. Not this time! Papers, projects, exams — you name it, I’ve got to do it. Maybe its because this is my senior year? San Francisco State must be trying to make sure I don’t miss out on quintessential college experiences like cramming for exams and pulling all nighters. Maybe finals are trying to remind me that I learned so much this semester: correct grammar usage, First Amendment case law, how to solve major social science issues, and how African American food has influenced the United States. Either way, I’ll be happy when the semester is over. I wish I could stay and write more, but finals are pulling me away.

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